Commercial Solar Panel Installation

At Referral Solar Portland, we know solar energy makes for a brighter business future.

We work with you to design a custom plan for converting to solar energy. Depending on your business’ energy goals, we can provide you with various system options that can reduce or even eliminate your current electric bill. Our state-of-the-art solar solutions help businesses lower electric bills, increase profits, and decrease their carbon footprint.

We assess your business property to identify the best solar panel placement for maximum energy generation. We utilize empty roofs, open fields, and expansive parking lots. Our solar power systems can be custom designed to suit any job.

Solar energy is a great investment for any business. Our systems have a production guarantee that ranges from 25-30 years. You can also count on us for repairs and maintenance; we carry 2-year guarantees on panel installation. Additionally, we have a variety of product guarantees including a 10-year guarantee on inverters and a 25-year guarantee on modules.

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