Benefits of Solar Panels

The benefits of solar panels are enormous. Solar energy costs less than conventional power in most markets, which makes controlling your energy costs easy. Read the top 3 most compelling benefits of solar panels for your property.

Top 3 Benefits of Solar Panels

1. Save Money

You can save a significant amount in energy costs by using solar energy. This is one of the most powerful and popular benefits of solar panels. When you install solar panels on our property, you are installing an electrical energy generation system that lasts over 25 years.

Installing solar panels on your roof typically save you tens of thousands of dollars. The average 20-year savings for Americans who switched to solar energy in 2011 is an estimated $20,000. In states of New York, California, and Florida, the savings were projected over $30,000.

With Referral Solar Company Portland OR, all the proposals that we generate will show you your total cost of power and how it compares to your current electric bill.

As resources deplete, conventional energy costs will only increase. Historic annual rates of increase for electricity vary from utility to utility from as 3% to a shocking 25%.

Another one of the benefits of solar panels is that the energy rates you’ll pay for solar power will be fixed or predetermined for the life of your system. The potential for savings is huge.

2. Protect the Environment

Another one of the notable and noble benefits of solar panels is protecting the earth from pollution and increased global warming.

The negative impacts of energy generated by fossil fuels are extensive and far-reaching, considering factors such as carbon dioxide emissions from the actual burning of the fuel to the methods of harvesting the fossil fuel.

Solar energy provides a robust, reliable and proven method of electrical generation without any of the negative consequences. At Referral Solar, we provide a number of metrics to show you how significant the positive impact on the environment by going solar.

3. Achieve Energy Independence

Energy independence is a powerful motivator for many to go solar. Installing solar panels is a great way to combat the monopoly of energy companies. Most people have a lifetime contracts with power companies.

Many houses are wired to accept only one source of electricity; therefore, we are forced to pay whatever the energy company charges us. The problem is that most investor owned utilities are guaranteed a specific return on their investment so that as the cost of generation increases, they are allowed to pass the cost directly on the consumer with a guaranteed profit.

Solar energy presents one of the most reliable and market-ready solutions for minimizing dependence on utility companies. Solar power provides energy security because the sun’s rays cannot be purchased, owned, or monopolized.